Committee Overview



The President provides leadership to the local chapter consistent with state, area, and national society policies, strategies and objectives.

President Elect

The President Elect directs and coordinates the functions of standing committees, and performs duties and projects in support of the President.


The Treasurer receives, holds, and safeguards, in the capacity of trustee and financial agent, all funds for the chapter.

Past President

The Past President assists and advises the President in all matters concerning the Chapter.


The Secretary records minutes of the meetings and notifies members of the Executive Board of scheduled meetings.

President's Circle

The President's Circle Board Member provides history and presents the President's award.

Diversity Resource Connections Board Member

The Diversity Resources Board Member spearheads the effort to diversify the chapter's membership/leadership and to publicize successful diversity programs in our local community.

Diversity Resource Connections Chair

The Diversity Resource Connections Chair provides information and resources to members to increase their awareness of diversity topics, issues and treands.

Community Partnership Board Member

Community Partnership is responsible for introducing and announcing different ways for members becoming involved in local community service organizations and events.

Community Partnership Chair

The Community Partnership Chair plans and participates in activities partnering Human Resources wit the local community.

Special Projects Board Member

SHRM Foundation Chair

Marketing Board Member

The Marketing Board Member promotes awarness of the purpose and actins of the chapter through ongoing communication efforts and branding initiatives. Works closely with the other chapters members to unsure that the chapter is portraying a consistent and professional image to its members and the business community at large.

Program Sponsorship Chair

Program Sponsorship Chair is responsible for recruiting companies to sponsor meetings. LAos responsible for  is responsible for recruiting companies to sponsor meetings.

Publicity/Social Media  Chair

The Publicity/Social Media Chair promotes awareness of the purpose and actions of the chapter through ongoing communication efforts and branding initiatives, using the social media tools. Makes sure that HR professionals, both within and without of SHRM are fully informed of chapter resources and activities by using existing and developing social media. Works closely with other chapters members to ensure that the chapter is portraying a consistent and professional image to its members and to the business community at large. Also responsible for taking pictures at events to include on the website.

Member Services Board Member

The Member Services Board Member is responsible for include increasing and retaining the membership of the Greater Valley Forge Human Resource Association (GVFHRA). In addition, provide programs to enhance GVFHRA's membership's marketability in the Human Resource industry by provide educational programs.

Ambassadors  Chair

The Ambassadors Chair is responsible for facilitating a smooth and comfortable transition for new members into the GVFHRA chapter, while acting as a resource to all members of the chapter.

Membership Services Chair

The Membership Services Chair recruits and responds to inquiries regarding membership by understanding the pulse of the membership and their needs advocating for the chapter's general membership.

Professional Development Board Member

The Professional Development Board Member coordinates the human resource training and development activities.

Career Transitions Chair

This Career Transitions Chair holds monthly meetings to coach and council Human Resource job seekers who are in transition or who are contemplating a job change. Job leads are distributed and search issues and challenges are discussed with the intent of problem solving.

College Relations Chair

Provides a link between GVFHRA and the SHRM student chapters at local colleges and universities. The committee coordinates the Merit Scholarship Award, disseminates information about GVFHRA monthly meetings, develops programming on careers in human resources and promotes human resources internships.

Professional Cerification Chair

The Professional Certification Chair focuses on helping the human resource professionals improve their knowledge & skills, and prepare for the certification exam.

Programs Chair

The Programs Chair selects and screens prospective speakers for dinner meetings in response to member interest.

Special Interest Groups Board Member

The Special Interest Group Board Member strategically aligns topics with the chapter in the areas of total rewards/compensation and benefits, organizational development, recruiting and retention, and legislative/governmental affairs and employee relations, and assists in securing speakers for conferences and dinner programs. Advises board on special topics.

Compensation & Benefits Chair

The Compensation and Benefits Chair provides programs in the Compensation and Benefits fields that will enhance the membership’s technical understanding and ability to better manage their obligations in their job situations as well as to generally increase the membership’s knowledge of these areas of Human Resource skills.

Recruiting & Retention Chair

The Recruiting and Retention Chair addresses the challenge of employee recruitment and retention in an era of many job opportunities and a limited candidate base.

Organizational Development Chair

The Organizational Development Chair assists human resources’ professionals in keeping their organizations current on leadership development and organizational effectiveness techniques.

Employee Relations Chair

The Employee Relations Chair provides guidance and assistance regarding such issues as misconduct, performance improvement, disciplinary action, conflict resolution, management guidance, and state and federal regulations. Emphasizes the impact of changing work environments affect in the workplace, and assists in helping members achieve and sustain successful employee-employer relationships.

Legislative and Government Affairs Chair

The Legislative and Government Affairs Chair monitors and evaluates pending legislative, regulatory and legal action at the federal, state and local level, which may have an impact on the management of human resources, and presents legislative updates to the chapter president and chapter members