About Us


The Greater Valley Forge Human Resource Association, Inc. (GVFHRA) is a non-profit, individual membership association for human resource management professionals.

GVFHRA provides leadership, motivation, and education through chapter activities and affiliation with the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) in order to equip our members for their roles as leaders and decision makers within their organizations.
Our Mission Statement:
To serve our members as the premier regional forum for leadership and advancement in the field of Human Resources.
To Accomplish this Mission:
  • We provide leadership, innovation, and education through chapter activities and affiliation with SHRM;

  • We assist Human Resource professionals to effectively serve as fully integrated business partners with their organizations;

  • We expand networking opportunities for all members;

  • We support the community by offering assistance in our areas of expertise;

  • We promote high professional standards and ethical conduct in the field of Human Resources;

  • We lend support to our fellow Human Resource professionals who are in career transitions.