Friday, October 26, 2018
Penn State Great Valley
7:15am to 4:30pm

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Summit Speaker Form

Here is a Link to our Speaker Proposal:

 Greater Valley Forge Human Resources Association,

invites you to submit a proposal to be a speaker at the 

Greater Valley Forge HR Summit

Friday, October 26, 2018

 Penn State Great Valley Campus in Malvern, PA.


The full day conference will be composed of a panel discussion and up to twelve (12) presentations comprised of three to four concurrent sessions of 1 to 1.5 hours in length. 

We are pleased to introduce this year’s Summit Theme:



Speaker Application Process:

1.     Presentation Topic:

Your presentation should put the HR function into a business perspective and be geared toward the Summit theme of “The Talent Show”.

 As a speaker, how will your presentation allow the participants to develop the skills and strategies to better align their contributions and efforts with the needs of the business?

 Every day Human Resource Professionals are striving to present the best show possible and be a box office hit.  This year we want to provide our audience with the best practices to help Human Resources professionals increase their show ratings.  From recruiting a cast, to the opening act of onboarding, thickening the plot to engage employees, taking cues to maintain compliance, facilitating a succession plan of encores, to the curtain call of a successful retirement.  We’re looking for show stoppers to present at our Talent Show this year!



Attracting top notch talent

Keeping actors engaged and “in character”

Ensuring your actors are committed for the entire production!
Assisting talent to try out for “new roles”


Compensation & Benefits

Negotiating pay with your talent

More than just “Comps” – What Benefits Motivate Your Talent?

Reward/award options for a successful show

All productions need to watch costs!



Sticking to the Script (Keeping in Compliance with Legal Updates)

Negotiating contracts

Understanding the fine print

Making sure you understand and are aware of what is going on “behind the scenes”


Organizational Development

Developing Understudies

Transitioning Between Acts (Change Management)

Taking the Show on the Road (Dealing with Mergers & Acquisitions)

HR as the Executive Producer (How HR Creates and Leads Business Strategy)


 2.     Your Presentation Proposal: (please use the following format & provide a response for each category)

·       Please send Proposal as a Word Document (PDFs are difficult for us to process)

·       Your Name, E-mail Address and Phone Number

·       Name(s), Title(s), Company(ies), of Presenters

·       Title of Your Presentation

·       How does your presentation tie into the Summit “The Talent Show” theme?  Please list which theme your presentation ties into.

·       List the learning objectives of your presentation.  Please complete the following sentence:  “Following my presentation, participants will be able to…”  Please submit 3 learning objectives describing the following (required to obtain HRCI and SHRM credits):

o   The outcomes you plan to achieve.

o   How your presentation will change the participant’s behavior, to do something better or do something differently.

o   Will the participant be able to use the information you present immediately?

o   What is the “wow factor” for your presentation, meaning what is the one thing your attendees will walk away remembering? 

·       What level of HR professional are you targeting:  HR Coordinator, HR Manager/Director, Chief HR Officer?

·       Provide a session overview in 500 words or less.  Describe the content of your presentation as well as the method of delivery e.g. case study review, interactive exercise, etc.  Please provide enough information for the reviewers to visualize your presentation.

·       Describe your expertise supporting the program you are presenting and your ability to relate to an audience of HR professionals. 

·       Please provide a brief biography (200 words or less) of each speaker that can be used in our HRCI and SHRM submission and promotional materials.  A resume may be attached but can only be used as supporting documentation.

·       If this presentation has been approved for HRCI and/or SHRM credits please list the ORG or Program #, date and location as well as the hours approved and type of credits (General or Business / CP or SCP).


3.     Proposal Selection:

A panel of GVFHRA Summit planning members will review the presentations based on the following criteria:

·       The degree to which the presentation supports one or more of SHRM’s strategic, general, business or global area of HRCI and SHRM credits.  Priority will be given to those sessions that would potentially qualify for Business HRCI

·       Thoroughness of the submitted matter and proposal.

·       Quality of learning objectives.

·       Level of interactivity and method of diverse teaching styles.

·       Quality of takeaway tools offered to conference participants.

·       Appeal to a broad spectrum of attendees and present on topics in HR including, but not limited to Organizational Development, Benefits, Compensation, Legal Issues, Recruitment, Retention and Leadership Development.


4.     Submit Your Proposal by E-mail (in Word format) by May 25, 2018 to:

Lori Stokes-Powers, GVFHRA Chapter Administrator

General Information:


·        Applicants are limited to a maximum of two applications per individual or organization on different topics.


·        If selected as a presenter, you will be required to provide your presentation electronically by September 1st, 2018 and bring your presentation on a flash drive on October 26th, 2018. 


·        GVFHRA will provide flip charts and markers, microphone and sound for Power Point presentations or video if requested.


·        Travel, housing and per diem costs, etc. are the sole responsibility of the speaker, not GVFHRA.


·        Speakers are responsible to get permission to use copyrighted materials.


·        GVFHRA will not reproduce handouts but will post handouts on the GVHRA Summit website in advance of the program for participant download.  If a speaker wishes to provide handouts, it will be at your own expense.


·        Speakers will be eligible to attend the remainder of the Summit (maximum of two active speakers per presentation) for the entire Summit.  A waived Summit fee includes access to conference sessions, HRCI and SHRM credits, lunch and breaks.  Any guest(s) of the speakers must register and pay to attend the event.


·        Due to facility location rules, no books or other materials are permitted to be sold at the HR Summit.  There can be no exceptions to this policy.


·        Proposals received after May 25, 2018 will be retained for future consideration either for a GVFHRA Meeting presentation, Seminar, or for the 2019 GVFHRA Summit.


Speaker selection and notification is expected to be completed by mid-July 2018.


 Please review the following submission guidelines and sign and date in the area indicated below:

As the primary presenter for this proposed session, I have thoroughly read the submission guidelines, selection criteria, and terms for speaker compensation.  I understand and agree that I will be responsible for communicating in a timely manner with the Greater Valley Forge HR Summit Committee, and co-presenter(s) regarding information about my presentation.  I understand the following:

·       The Greater Valley Forge HR Summit Committee has final determination of the format and length of my session.

·       I am responsible for adhering to the Call for Presentation deadlines and guidelines for submission outlined in this document.  If I fail to do so, the Greater Valley Forge HR Summit Committee reserves the right to remove my session from the Summit program.

·        I am responsible for submitting presentation materials and handouts prior to the Summit for inclusion on the Greater Valley Forge HR Summit website. All final presentation materials and a head shot (.jpeg) are due by September 1, 2018.

·       Greater Valley Forge HR Summit Committee will not produce any handouts for distribution at the Summit.  I am responsible for preparing handout materials for my session attendees. 

·       I grant permission for GVFHRA to reproduce and distribute session handouts prior to, during and after the conference.  All Summit materials will be provided on the Registrant website two weeks prior to the Summit for the attendees to download.

·       GVFHRA and SHRM programs are non-commercial forums.  The direct promotion of products and services is prohibited.

·       I, and my co-presenter (if applicable), grant permission for my Summit presentation to be video or audio-taped.

·       I am responsible for obtaining permission to reproduce my handouts if they are copyrighted.

·       I agree to refrain from overt statements, harsh language, or pointed humor that disparages the dignity and social equity of any individual or group.

·       I agree to bring a back-up copy of my presentation on a flash drive on the day of the Summit.

·       If I am unable to present my program on the day of the Summit, I will notify GVFHRA as soon as possible and will offer a suggestion of a replacement speaker that could present my materials or another program of comparable professional level and topic.




I agree with the terms and conditions outlined above in this Call for Summit Proposals.



Name and any certification i.e. SPHR                                                                 Date

E-mail                                                  Phone Number                                   Mobile Phone

Company Name


Company Address




A confirmation of receipt will be emailed back to you to confirm we have received your proposal.

Here is a Link to our Speaker Proposal:




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