President's Award



The Presidentís Award for Distinguished Leadership

The Presidentís Award recognizes outstanding leaders who are respected and admired by the GVFHRA community. The Award was created by the Past Presidentís Circle with the assistance and support of the Chapter President and Board.

The purpose of the Award is threefold. First, the Award reinforces the importance of leadership at GVFHRA. Second, it honors a person who embodies the spirit and ideals of the Human Resource profession. Third, it builds relationships between GVFHRA, HR leaders and the business community.

All GVFHRA members in good standing are e
ligible candidates.  This includes but is not limited to Human Resource Management professionals, vendors and consultants. GVFHRA members, including board and committee members, are asked to nominate candidates for this prestigious award.

A selection committee, comprised of past GVFHRA presidents, has the responsibility to choose finalists to receive the award. Past presidents are not eligible. The GVFHRA Board then selects one of the finalists. This Award may be presented on an annual basis.


  • Embodies the ideals and spirit of GVFHRA
  • Demonstrates Honor, Integrity, Professionalism, Spirit of teamwork, Cooperation, Involvement, and Innovation
  • Demonstrates leadership qualities on a regular basis
  • Volunteers time and energy toward the success of GVFHRA over a period of time
  • Makes positive contributions and drives outstanding results
  • Inspires and motivates chapter members and others around them
  • Assists in developing people and organizations
  • Encourages shared vision and establishes direction for GVFHRA and/or a project or committee
  • Demonstrates spirit of involvement and generates esprit de corps 
  • Highly respected and admired by GVFHRA members Ö seen as a role model.


Nina L. Nicoloso  SPHR, SHRM-SCP - 2015
Clare Novak - 2014
Susan Fletcher - 2013
Ross Reinhold- 2012
Nicole R. Sakowitz, SPHR-2011
Frank Powell, SPHR - 2010
Edwina White - 2009
Lew Charnock, SPHR -2008
Bruce Zanar - 2006
Shannon Maroney-Garrett - 2005
Janet Ordini , PHR- 2004
Stanley Schmuckler - 2003


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