History & Awards
The Greater Valley Forge Human Resource Association was chartered by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) in 1983. The association has grown steadily over the past 25+ years, increasing our membership and expanding our services. Today, the GVFHRA is an award-winning chapter with over 500 members and 20 committees to help our members and the HR community.
A SHRM Excel Award Chapter-Silver 
SHRM changed their award categories in 2010 and we were awarded the Silver designation for our commitment to excellence to our members and to the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM).
A Merit/Superior Merit Award Chapter
The GVFHRA has received recognition as a top-ranked chapter for excellence in operations and service to members by The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). In fact, for  thirteen years in a row, GVFHRA was awarded the Merit or the Superior Merit Award for its
     *effective operations of a chapter
     *professional development of members,
     *support of the Human Resources profession, and
     *partnership with SHRM.
A Pinnacle Award Recipient
The GVFHRA has also received recognition for its pursuit of excellence in professional activities. In 1993 the Chapter was one of only eight chapters nationwide to receive the Pinnacle Award for the Chapter's Diversity Initiatives. Greater Valley Forge Human Resource Association, Inc. was one of the first chapters to focus on bringing greater diversity into chapter organizations. The Pinnacle Awards recognizes chapters which sponsor unique programs that benefit their members and/or community and are readily transferable to other chapters.  Continuing our work to highlight the importance of diversity in our companies, the chapter again won the prestigious Pinnacle Award in 2004, specifically for addressing the issue of gays/lesbians and trans-gender employees.
2003 SHRM Area 1 Diversity Award Winner
GVFHRA received the Diversity Award that recognizes that diversity is valued and appreciated throughout our communities and as a true business imperative within the organizations in which we work.
Past Presidents

2016/2017 --  Karen Carr
|2015/2016 -- Heather Dromgoole
2014/2015 --  Suzanne Gleason
2013/2014 --  Melissa Landsmann
2012/2013 --- Laura LaBuda
2011/2012 --- David Benglian
2010/2011 Anita Dombrowski
2009/2010 Leon Singletary
2008/2009  Sharon Crandall
2007/2008 Lynne Kester
2006/2007 Andrea Cabrelli
2005/2006 Rosemarie Eppinger
2004/2005 Tammy Ford
2003/2004 Gail Landazuri
2002/2003 Phyllis Shurn-Hannah
2001/2002 Michele Parent
2000/2001 Danielle Shepherd
1999/2000 Mary Bruce
1998/1999 Anne Dunn
1997/1998 Patricia Rhubottom
1996/1997 Jane Woytowich
1995/1996 Cherie Wright
1994/1995 Joe Giamboi
1993/1994 Jeanne Poole
1992/1993 Jeanne Poole
1991/1992 Ross Weaver
1990/1991 Ross Weaver
1989/1990 Sandee Ballou
1988/1989 Todd Rosenstock
1987/1988 Bob Nowaczyk
1986/1987 John Snelgrove
1985/1986 Mike Smith
1984/1985 Mike Smith
1983/1984 David Watson
1982/1983 David Watson


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